Request a Resale Disclosure Package

To place an order for any of the products for resale or refinance, please access Associa’s website at

Click on “Order Resale Documents” at the top of the screen, and from the following list, select “Community Management Corporation”. This will direct you to the appropriate Community Archives website.

You will need to register with Community Archives if you are a first-time user. If you have any difficulties placing the order and/or navigating through the website, please contact Community Archives Customer Service at 1-800-995-0682.

CMC Resale Department Contact Information: 703-631-7200

Lender Questionnaire:

If you require a custom form, be sure to select the custom form option when placing the order. Once you have received your email confirmation (with your order number), you will need to submit your custom form. You can do this by either faxing it to (520) 219-3055, or by emailing it to or Please be sure to reference your order number when submitting your custom form.