Board of Directors & Committees

Board Members
The Pinecrest is governed by the Pinecrest Community Association (PCA) a Virginia not-for-profit corporation. The PCA Board of Directors consists of seven (7) members, who are elected on a staggered basis to two-year terms by the association members. Board members typically take lead responsibility to oversee and address various operational issues (e.g., maintenance, finances, security, architectural review, etc.).

Board of Directors:

Rod Speer - President
Colleen Coughlin - 1st Vice President
Tony Sides - 2nd Vice President
Ed White - Secretary
Barry DeMaio - Treasurer
Kyle Hiner - Director
Kim Dulicai - Director

The Board of Directors can also establish Committees and Task Forces as necessary to address special topics.  Current PCA Committees include:

Architectural Review Board (Meg McLane, Chair)
Grounds Committee (Cindy Moran, Chair)
Capital Assets Committee (Tony Sides, Acting Chair)
Tennis Court Subcommittee (George Cody, Chair)
Communications & Welcome Committee (Lisa Stivers, Chair)
LinksLine Quarterly Newsletter (Colleen Coughlin)
Neighborhood Watch (Lisa Stivers)

The PCA Board encourages all Pinecrest residents to volunteer and become actively involved in the community.  Please contact Board President Rod Speer at to volunteer.